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iFlight Taurus X8 Pro 8S HD Cinelifter

iFlight Taurus X8 Pro 8S HD Cinelifter

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Engineered with professionals for professionals, a BNF that's aimed for carrying big payloads offering a soft-damped universal platform for DSLR or cinema cameras (Red Komodo, Zcam, BMPCC,  etc) featuring DJI's FPV HD transmission system. 8-single X-Class grade ESCs for maximum reliability and power. Redundancy is a big safety factor when carrying expensive cinema gear. Even in case of an overload or failure, the remaining ESCs and motors will be able to carry your gear back to you. In case you get troubles with signal interference or radio signal loss the GPS rescue feature will automatically take over control, climb to max flight altitude, fly back in a straight line, and descend towards your liftoff location until the signal transmission is regained (no automated landing). The integrated TPU landing gear provides sufficient height for most terrain and offers some protection on harder landings.

2kg maximum payload for a variety of top-mounted cameras and the ability to fine-adjust the stable mount for a perfectly balanced CG (Center of Gravity). The top mount 8S battery acts as a power source as well as a counterweight for most common cinema camera weights which can be easily exchanged with our iFlight battery quick-release mounting system. The adjustable CNC aluminum camera mount offers angles from 5 to 35 degrees and can be safely secured for reproducible outcomes. No jello, no jitter, no problem; Our silicon-ball dampened carbon camera base is decoupled from the rest of the frame to reduce the amount of vibration generated by motors and propellers. For the perfect cinematic shot, we recommend additional software stabilization in the post (Reelsteady, Gyroflow, etc.) or a hardware module (for example SteadXP).

Test datas
Flight time with 5.000mAh 8S:
- No camera installed: 12min
- Installed camera: 6-8min
Maximum speed:
- Low payload: 160km/h
- High payload: 130km/h
- Maximum payload: 2kg
- Recommended payload: 1-1.5kg

Big size XING2 3110 // The power motors with extreme lift and flight performance
8S power system // More power and speed
8xsingle X-Class grade ESC motor drivers for more reliability
Redundant iFlight ESC Commander PCB // Power distribution board with high capacitance, filtering and heat dissipation
GPS module pre-installed (BF GPS rescue or INAV GPS RTH feature available)
Universal camera mount and accessories for a wide range of cameras to install

GPS-Modul: iFlight M8Q-5883-GPS & Compass V2.0 (LINK)
Gesamtabmessungen: 428 mm * 249 mm (Körpermaß)
Dicke der oberen (mittleren) Platte: 3,5 mm
Gewicht: 2,3 kg ± 5 g (ohne Batterie)
Dicke der Bodenplatte: 3,5 mm
BLITZ F7 Pro Flight Controller
Motor: XING2 3110 900KV
Dicke der oberen Platte: 3 mm
Armstärke: 8 mm
Propellergröße: 8 Zoll
Radstand: 450 mm

FC+ESC Specification
FC // BLITZ F7 Pro Flight Controller
Mount pattern: 35*35mm / 4mm PCB hole diameter
Smart audio / IRC Tramp VTX protocol supported
Firmware target: IFLIGHT_BLITZ_F7_PRO
BlackBox: 512MB Onboard
Dimensions: 41*41.5mm
BEC: 5V/2.5A, 12V/2A
Barometer: DPS310
OSD Chip: AT7456E
LED controller: Yes
MCU: STM32 F722
Weight: 17g (±2)
Beeper pad: Yes
Gyro: MPU6000

Packing List
8 x HQ 8X4X3 CW propeller + 8 x HQ 8X4X3 CW propeller (Color may vary)
2 x Albatross LHCP 5.8GHz SMA FPV Antenna
1 x XT90 Male to XT60 Female Adapter Wire
2 x iFlight Lipo Strap 20*400mm (Black)
2 x iFlight Lipo Strap 20*500mm (Black)
1 x Pre-built and Tested Taurus X8 Pro
1 x DJI FPV Air Unit Module + Camera
1 x CNC Aluminum alloy cam mount
1 x XT90 Smart Smoke Stopper
1 x Prop Wrench

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